Tuesday, February 25, 2014

constipation is cool.

Max and his candy.  Actually, both the kids and candy.  It is my fault but it is also a HOLIDAY issue.  It probably really starts with Halloween, then Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter...the parties and the candy.  I try to limit it but I am a fun mom too.  Max was in the tub with a sucker.  I don't even know where he got it.  He hoards things like a little chipmunk or something.  Anyway...in an attempt to discourage him I stated to him that if he keeps eating a lot of candy he won't be able to poop.  Who doesn't like a good poop???

His response:

Oh cool.  I don't wanna a poop.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

holistic approach...hmmm.

Well I'm still in shock or disbelief...but it worked.

Dr. Gonzalez suggested I irrigate my nose.  Yes, it is true, I haven't made an attempt at it since I got sick on January 21.  Today it is Wednesday, February 18.  Monday, just two days ago, I did the neti pot thing with a saline spray.  I did it Monday night about two or three times.

Tuesday I went to work feeling normal??  Now I had lost the dizziness about a full week ago.  But the tooth pain from the swollen sinuses was so terrible.  The last time Chris (our nurse manager) looked in my ear--she said my ear was bulging and the fluid was very bad.  Only the right ear.  It has always just been the right ear.  At that time she advised me I should probably go to a ENT.  That was last Tuesday.  Then we had to close the job due to Apocalypse Phase II.  We were closed Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday we reopened.  I didn't have time to make an appointment.  The following Monday night, was when I tried the irrigation technique.  Yes, I'm documenting this for myself later.

So, Tuesday I went to work feeling normal??? (Did you notice I added three question marks instead of the above paragraph's first sentence with two question marks--haha, okay I must be tired.)  My teeth didn't hurt.  In fact I didn't realize it until about 10 am but the pressure was much better.

So, I'm thinking to myself--it's time to buy a neti pot??  maybe??  I start researching on the internet and find some really great videos.  Then I happened across this MOST awesome video ever.  I recommend anyone with upper respiratory problems watch this video.  In fact, I will watch it again and take notes.  The video is a presentation that was given to a group of medical practitioners.  Anyway, I watch the HOUR LONG vid and loved it.  At the end of the video he provides a sinus massage and asks the class to participate.  Of course I did.

After the massage, I remember thinking to myself, wow...I feel a little better..nothing major.  Shortly after I went to bed.

When I woke up the following morning...my throat hurt really really really bad.  Oh my gosh.  I have not had a runny nose AT ALL since the first time I got sick on January 21.  Today, my throat hurts.  That means I am draining sinus cavities.  Seriously?????  Is this for real.  So I drove all the way to work, draining away.  I drained ALL DAY long.

I decided, with Liza reminding me:), that I needed to have Chris look at my ears.  Here is the report:  my right ear is no longer draining.  It does have fluid inside it which is still not good HOWEVER, it looks better than last Tuesday.  Coincidence??  It has been a week....

I don't think so though and here is why.  My left ear has NEVER had fluid.  Today, yep, you guessed it, it has some fluid inside.  This is a great sign that I am draining all that darn fluid out of my poor head.  I have not had a headache since Tuesday...my sinuses drained after the tutorial.

I have always been a little skeptical about holistic meds and herbs....but I am sold on this.  I do NOT THINK WITH ONE BONE IN MY BODY that my head started to drain on its own.  I KNOW that massaged moved my sinuses.

Also in the report, did you know that 95 percent of sinusitis cases are caused by fungal and are not viral or bacterial?  I didn't know that (and I hope I didn't misquote that) but that is what I remembered.  This means that antibiotics won't cure most sinus infections.  Wait, or antibiotics will not cure 95 percent of sinusitis cases???  wow.

Chris told me that most doctors do not recommend holistic meds because they know that will not get your money and the FDA wouldn't make as much either...

That is probably true.

All I am saying...I know this worked for me.  It changed my health and I maybe need to look into this more closely if my illness isn't too terrible.  oh, yeah, this illness has been terrible....but I'm saying maybe we should try those methods too--don't mark them off the list just because they haven't been evaluated and approved by the FDA.  Give it a try.  The Native Indians did.  Here is the presentation if you are interested...


Sunday, February 16, 2014

boys..the fights

So last night the boys were wrestling around...and for some reason they always get to the super-human level of fighting...first it is giggles, then starts the more serious stuff.  Max's weight is not that far behind Thadeus'.  Here's the problem: Thadeus is a string bean..Max is shorter stouter type.  haha.

So last night they were playing...then fighting..then Max decided to punch Thadeus.....


So, Thadeus' first front top tooth was knocked out via his bike riding technique.  It was not loose before the knock it.  It resulted in Xrays to be sure that tooth (or the permanent one underneath it) was not damaged.  Thankfully it wasn't.  That tooth was knocked out on September 5, 2013.  Sigh

This is a cool photo.  You can see all the teeth coming in underneath baby teeth.

Yesterday's punch made an already loose tooth (the other front one right next to it) almost leave it's position.  There was blood.  Oh the blood.  To the point where my hubs told me he was going to be alright...he must have seen it in my face....

Max got a spanking (yes, we spank) and Max cried and cried and cried..to the point where Daddy said..."it's time to dry that up.  Only Thadeus has the option to cry right now."  Shortly afterward, we heard Max place food in the dogs bowls, then he picked up his toys...and then, yes, I about passed out from the shock, folded three blankets.  He knows how to fold????  Um, he just earned an extra chore.  He looked up at me with his big eyes and said..."I'm doing this for you, mama.  I'm helping you out."

I looked at Jerime in amazement...and all he could do was smile. Then I said, "wow, he is just like you." Jerime said, "wait a minute, babe, come on now."  I said, "he thinks that all these good deeds he is doing will make me forgive him...just like you babe."  

Later they hugged and told each other they loved each other and both said they were sorry about fighting.

So now this tooth is dangling in place.  

Oh, I about can't look at this.

Today, when Thadeus attempted to eat his breakfast, he told me his tooth was rotting..."like an egg."

Hmmm, not quite sure what this means but sheesh.  Boys.  

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The bank

Yep.  I ran out of checks right at time when my mortgage and boat payments are due.  I bank with Bank of America and my loans are with United Bank.  So...my lunch break yesterday involved me going to Bank of America after talking to United Bank.  United wouldn't take a payment over the phone and said counter check would be the best way and cheapest way to move on this...and yes, the payments were due yesterday.  DUE yesterday.  I'm the worst procrastinator on the planet.  

Got to the Bank of America at 1pm.  Stood in line behind 8 people.  There were four tellers.  After waiting for what seemed like forever...as I stare at the tellers behind the bullet proof glass...I finally get to my turn.  I tell the teller I need two counter checks. "We don't do counter checks."  Um, okay, "so what do I do.  My payments are due today with another bank and my checks aren't here yet..." (thanks snow)

Well, we can do some cashier's checks.  I need to know them amounts of each check and we can go from there.  GREAT.  I don't have the exact payments....

I leave my turn and go back to my car to get the payment totals by calling UB.  Go back in and wait behind ten folks.

Why did my easy task turn into a 45 minute process??  really??  So, yes, I guess I will set up an online process so I don't have to deal with this anymore.  

Live and you learn.

Monday, February 10, 2014


Well this conversation did not go like I thought it would?  haha

In reading the school weekly update, it is disclosed to me that a new student began school.  Her name is Cassidy.  In continuing conversation at the table, I say: "so Max, I hear you have a new girl in your class and her name is Cassidy."  He says, "yeah."

"Oh, well, is she pretty." I say.

"No." he says

I immediately look to Jerime wide eyed and I can tell he is holding back the chuckles.  

Sheesh, I think to myself, Keep Your Cool.  

After some concentration, I look at Max.  

His expression is priceless.  He is looking embarrassed and looks at me and rolls his eyes.  It's that shy-girls-are-icky-look and then I realize he does not want to tell me she is pretty even if she is. 

Later that night he told me that Cassidy eats bugs.  

~Alrighty then.~

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Vertigo 101

Today is day TWELVE (adding to my original post) of my first real confrontation with Vertigo or Vestibular Neurontitis.  Seriously?  I mean, we all love the episode where Phoebe gets up off the couch (yes, of course in "Friends," the BEST show of all time) and finds herself immediately dizzy and is ready to sit down and do it again for giggles....NOT ME.  I'm over this crap.  I'm here writing today such that if I EVER get it again, I will remember what I experienced this time.  HOPEFULLY, there will not be a next.
In the past during an illness I've had this feeling of being unbalanced while walking around but this has been VERY different. 
Last Monday, January 20, 2014, was MLK holiday.  I decided I would have a couple of beers with my hubs at bed time while I pained my nails with the awesome new Color Stay polish.  Yeah, my nails look beautiful.  The process involves five coats of paint and when finished look like the 1 hour time it takes you to get the gel nails. Definitely and affordable price too... It lasts just as long and lets just say I've invested in the top coat, base coat and about five or six colors now.  I even have my sister buying it (Heather).  Anyway, Jerime went off to bed that Monday night and Thadeus was lying down on the couch falling asleep while I was catching up on Grey's anatomy--love my Netflix.  I finished my beer, finished my polish and off to bed I went around 11:30 that night.  Yes, pretty late before my first day back to work after a holiday but I meant I was gonna enjoy my three day holiday time off.  haha.  
The next morning my alarm goes off, I get out of bed and wham, I almost hit the floor.  "Wow," I thought to myself..."maybe I shouldn't have had that third beer??  What the heck"...I've had way more than that before and not had this effect the next day..."what the heck," I kept thinking and I continued to stumble into the bathroom and take a shower.  Well, I almost fell in the shower.  Yep, I had to hold onto the handle old people need whenever I turned around, and the process of washing my hair was awful as the world and water continued to spin around me, almost separate of one another.  I got out of the shower, put on my robe, flipped my head upside down to put my hair in my towel, and I thought my nose was going to hit the floor.  I stumbled out of the bathroom and straight to my bed.  I was still wet, hair wrapped, robe on and covered up.  An hour or so later Jerime asked me if I was going to go to work because it was his turn to get out of the bed.  I told him that I didn't feel well at all and needed some rest.  He got the kids ready and off he went.  At 8:30 a.m I texted one of the first sisters that came up on my cell phone and explained that "I was sick."  Tiff called me immediately and asked what was wrong.  She felt certain I needed a bonine (motion sickness med) and some Claritin.  She called Mom who brought me exactly what I needed.  She told me to get rest, tucked me in, and said call her if needed.  When that didn't seem to help, I decided I better call the Doctor.  My appointment was probably made around 10:30am or sooner.  I just knew if I slept until time to go, I would be fine to go myself.  This theory proved itself wrong in due time.  I got up, realized I had about 15 minutes to leave in order to get to the Doc in time and called Rhonda to help me.  She was about to leave for Griffin and she was able to get there immediately so I wouldn't miss my appointment at 11:20.  I'm sure we were a little late but they were going to see me.  "I think I'm dying," I kept thinking to myself.  I couldn't sit up and if I did I felt so very sick.  The 22 minute ride to the Dr. was TERRIBLE.  I remember wanting to talk and remember talking some but I have no idea what we spoke of.  I just wanted the world to stop spinning uncontrollably around me.  If I opened my eyes for a second it felt like I was in one of those movies where the people are tripping on some drug and enjoying.  (What is wrong with those people...)  
We arrived at the Dr. and I stumbled to the waiting room.  I burst into tears when I tried to sign in because I could barely do that without wanting to throw up.  I was so embarrassed about how I must have looked.  NO bra--there was no way I could get that on--so I put two shirts on to cover that up.  My hair had not been brushed.  There was no way I could have brushed my teeth and no makeup.  The doctor saw fluid in my ear and said he was certain it was a sinus infection and gave me an antibiotic and decongestant to clear it up.  He told me I would feel 100% better by tomorrow.  When I got home from the Doc, I slept the rest day.  Jerime made me the chicken noodle that I was to weak to make --and I really only ate because I needed to do so.  I drank two huge containers of Gatorade--GG bought me that on our trip back from the pharmacy.

Day 2, Wednesday:
Nada.  Nope. No way better.  Exactly the same.    On day two, I could not sit up.  I stayed in the bed the ENTIRE day.  I barely looked at my phone.  But I would.  I'm sure several people called but I couldn't answer at certain times of the day.  I remember my boys snuggling in with me that night.  We ate pizza, of which I only ate about two or four bites.  That entire day I had only ate some fritos, then the pizza.  Food was not on my list of things to do for fear I would lose my doses of medicine.  I was no better.  Going potty was the exciting part of my day.  Trying to sit down on the potty and not fall off.  Plus both of our toilet seats are broken--haha, yeah,boys--and I really had to be careful.  I'm laughing now thinking back at this.  But it really wasn't funny at the time.  Family checked up on me...and when there was no change at all, they all said I should call the doctor.  My back was starting to hurt from all the lying down.  However, if I would manage to sit up, I would spin.  I remember I walked into the living room stumbling into the wall and table, and just sat on the couch pretending to watch tv, with my eyes closed, or the lights on the tv would make me want to hurl.  I called mama and told her that I was pretty sure I would be calling in the morning to go back to the doctor.  She was on standby to take me.

Day 3, Thursday:
I got the appointment.  Mid morning.  The doctor could not believe I was still sick and this dizzy.  He asked me what my symptoms were again, referring to the dizziness.  "Total objects spinning around me.  If I move I spin too."  He did several reflex tests, and some sobriety stuff which I think I passed.  He looked into my ear and said the fluid was almost gone.  I told him, "this didn't make sense and I explained how I cannot walk." He asked me to walk and then seemed interested in what he saw, and then he asked me to walk down the hall.  He thought it was interesting that I always seemed to "pull to the left" when I walked.  He said he thought I had a vestibular virus in my inner ear toward the labyrinth of my ear but before he could proceed with medicine he had to be absolutely sure it was nothing else.  He ordered a MRI.  
The MRI was an interesting process that lasted 22 minutes once I was in the dome shaped structure.  The doctor told me that once I was done, the radiologist would read it and he was call me before the end of the day.  I remember my mom challenging this but the doctor ensured her this could be done.  Mom and I leave there.  
I eat much better that day.  This is actually the first lunch I've had since Monday. Tiff was off work so she joined us at the Passtime Grill in Barnesville.  She dropped me off.  I fell asleep.  Oh, and I remember mom and Tiff holding on to me as I walked to the left.  haha.
I woke up at 3pm and found myself calling the doctor.  "Gosh, I haven't heard a thing??  Why haven't they called me?  Is something wrong and they are closely evaluating it??" I left a message on the patient results voice mail.  I left a message on the nurse's voice mail.  NO RETURNED CALL. 
Now, before you go on thinking what a crappy kind of a doctor I must have, let me say this.  He was the nicest doctor I've met (man doc) in a long time.  He took time with me.  He made me feel 100% assured that he would take care of me.  AND he was not my regular doctor.  I do not like his nurse at all.  She is not personable at all.  AND SHE did not return my call, not him.  So to be honest despite it all, I think it was her fault that he forgot about me.  She is his manager in a way.  I'm a manager and all my employees continue reminding me of all the things I need to do--and I love that about them.  My secretaries do it too....and I don't take offense to it...so I blame the nurse for this.  And you know what--all you nurses out that may resent my statement....but I'm sorry, it really is how I feel.  
MY doctor, BJ was out on leave until Friday of this same week.  Her nurse checked in on me on my first visit and explained how sorry she was that BJ could not see me.  She is the sweetest nurse ever.  I cannot thank her enough for that tiny gesture.
When I found out the doctor's office had closed for the night, I burst into tears.  I thought--wow, if something is wrong with my brain--no one has called me.  I thought, why don't they care about my whirling world.  

Day 4, Friday:
Friday morning I asked Jerime if he could PLEASE take me to work. I had this one deadline that I must complete and afterward we could go by the Lazy Dog Growler.  He agreed--yeah, nice payment, lol, and after he dropped off the kids to school, we went to Warner Robins.  I worked from 9 am to 11 am.  My dizziness was still pretty bad but probably slightly better.  Actually, I'm not sure if it was better at all.  Was I just used to the spinning?  On the way to Warner Robins, though, I called MY DOCTOR.  Yes, you see, because here is what happened that morning.  Early, like at 8:15 after dropping the kids off to school... I called the doctor's nurse again.  I had to leave a message, AGAIN.  She did return my call to inform me that Dr. JR. was not there today.  "What," I said.  "Then who is going to read my MRI results."
"Oh, you had a MRI?" she said.  Okay, so my own nurse did not know what was in my file--oh, my on call nurse, I mean??  "Yes," I said.  
"Oh, well who did that," she stated.  
"Dr. Jr basically ordered it and walked me over to the Monroe County Hospital," I said. 
"Oh, well that is the problem then,"she said. 
"Wow, okay.  And why is this a problem?"
 She stated to me that the radiologist hadn't read it.  I told her I wanted my results and asked would that be a problem.  She said she would look at it and give me a call back.  She called me back about 20 minutes later.  She stated my MRI was normal.  She explained I needed to continue my medication and call us MONDAY.  I remember asking, "can I not get a steroid or something to assist with my healing process?"  
"No, just continue taking the medication.  Call us Monday."
I hung up the phone in tears.  THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT ME, I thought.  Jerime consoled me the best he could and told me he was sure everything would be okay.

After work, which btw, it took me twice as long to do one thing as it would on a normal-healthy-Christine-work day we left there for the Lazy Dog Growler.  I called the doctor's office back and asked to speak to Dr. BJ's nurse.  
I just gotta let it go.  If they call, they call.  At 4:45 Michelle (my sweetest nurse ever) called me.  She told me that my mucus was so thick in my sinuses that I needed a steroid.  She said she was calling my pharmacy now to get the medication ready for me.  I thanked her over and over.  Over and Over. Over and Over.
Note to Self-Even if you love your nurse, always follow up.  You never know what may happen on the best of days.  
At 6pm, we hopped into the car to go get my script.  I was giddy with excitement.  "I'm going to be better tomorrow," I remember singing to myself.  We-yeah Jerime- pull up at the Walgreens drive through to pick up the wonder-med I've heard so many great things about.  Everyone who has ever had this dizziness has been better after taking this med after about two or three days...yay, I thought.  WE pull up to the window and the pharmacist says, "hi there, we seem to have a problem.  We got your script but it was written incompletely.  I've tried to contact your provider but it appears they have gone for the day."  My jaw dropped.  The tears started in the corner of my eyes.  I held it together.  We left.
Tiffany called me to see what was up.  She decided to call the pharmacy to see what was missing on the information.  She told me to call after hours so I decided to do so.  By 8pm, the after hours nurse had called my script in and I received a call from Walgreens letting me know my prescription was ready.  Then she says, "you're not pregnant, right?"  Now, By this time, I decided to crack open a beer.  I was so over this spinning world.  "Pregnant?" I thought to myself?  Um NOT, but hell, through this entire process, I have never taken a pregnancy test.  Jerime still left, bless him, to get my script and...a pregnancy test, while I stayed home in my still world--not moving as much as possible to prevent the spinning and spinning and spinning.  I sat on the floor with my back against the wall holding my cell phone and my beer.  He brought me the package of meds.  I cracked open another beer.  He says, "honey, why are you drinkin'?"  "Well, now I'm working on a good pee."
Okay, I was not pregnant which was a great thing since I was on my second beer but I did need that verification prior to taking this medication.  When I read the package it stated--take your first dose before breakfast.  It was two pills.  So rather than have all the meds, tylenol for the back pain plus this harsh Steroid stuff in my system WITH the beer, I decided I was going to wait to begin in the morning.  The last thing I need is a Brittany Murphy episode, right?  lol...um, NO not funny.

Day 5, Saturday: (1st day of Prednisone)
Took all my meds.  Still spinning.  Jerime made wheat beer.  It looks fabulous.  We built (he built) a bon fire with the kids.  I sat in a chair outside.  spinning.  spinning. spinning.  Still pulling to the left too.

Day 6, Sunday: (2nd day of Prednisone)
Mom invited us to a dogs and chili dinner.  Arrive at 4pm.  Yay.  Btw, I wake up and I don't pull to the left anymore.  My balance is extremely still altered.  I tried to drive to mom's and decided, with Jerime, that this was not a good idea.  I was still in Milner so I just pulled over and let him drive.  Sudden movements still bother me.  It is amazing, this condition.  

Day 7, Monday: (3rd day of Prednisone)
Yes, I decided to drive to work.  Still unbalanced extremely.  No shaking your head suddenly.  Walk slowly.  Thadeus woke up stating his neck (throat) hurt so Jerime stayed home to take the boys to the doctor.  
I probably shouldn't have driven to work but I did...leaned forward to prevent peripheral motions from bothering me.  I worked the entire day, plus some if you count the boot buying for the kids and gassing up the car.  Yes, after all of this, they have now canceled work for two days due to snow coming in--a rare experience in GA.    I decided to go to Target on my way home to buy boots.  Yes, mamas still have to make sure little boys' feet are warm if snow and ice do make it here.  I parked my car and walked into the shop.  I had parked my car out by itself...and when I got back out to it I noticed the straight parking job I had landed.  Yeah, and the idiots still parked next to me.  My front left wheel was over about three inches.  sigh.  "No, I guess I shouldn't have driven today," I thought to myself.  All kidding aside, it was kind of hilarious. AND VERY SCARY.
On the way home, and I'm going to blame this on always going south when getting gas in Macon to get to work...I headed South on 75.  I traveled several exits before realizing I was not going home.  Sigh.  At least I bought a bag of popcorn from Target to get me through this sad, sad, sad, realization that I need to be home.
(As my bestie pointed out--look, you parked to the left.  Sigh.  smh)

Day 8, Tuesday: (4th day of Prednisone)
I'm unbalanced but much better.  Sudden movements still hurt.  I can look at my computer without tilting one eye forward which is a huge improvement.  Tiffany came over and we (she) drove to Griffin.  The snow was falling and dusting all of Griffin--so pretty.  I'm ready for bed already.  All this constant concentrating is bothering the heck out of me.  I took a bonine today thinking it would help and it will not touch it.  I really don't know if this one six-day dose pack of predinisone is going to kick this stuff on its rear.  I'm tired of being unbalanced, tripping and ILL from all the medication I'm on.  It's still snowing and I just hope tomorrow I won't be unbalanced and can be the REAL me.

Day 9, Wednesday: (5th day of Prednisone)
Still unbalanced.  Snow day number 2.  Jerime drove.  Played on the sleds in our driveway.  Jerime drove to meme's to see what pawpaw wanted us to do...which was ride sleds pulled by the fourwheeler.  Moving at a fast speed on a sled with one kid sitting on my lap was a ball.  haha.  funny...real funny. My teeth hurt before I went to bed tonight.  That pressure is still there. 

Day 10, Thursday: (last day of Prednisone)
My balance seems a little (tad) better.  Actually this is what it feels like...I feel like my brain is trying to straighten what my eyes are processing.  School is out today so I'm going to build a snowman with the boys since we will have wet snow needed to pack the ice up.  Yesterday this was a bust.  The snow was so dry it wouldn't pack.  My teeth hurt still today.  What the heck--why won't this pressure in my head subside.  Liza seems to think it may be because I need a different antibiotic  I will call them today to see if they open.  Maybe they will open after noon today.  I feel like my body is just starting to combat this stuff, like I'm on day four of a sinus infection that is being treat with an OTC.  weird?  I think so.

Day 11, Friday: last doses of deconex and amox-clav 875
I woke up feeling slightly dizzy but I decide to go to work anyway.  By the time I get to work I can tell I am not improving.  I called a left a message with Michelle, my nurse, to tell her I don't think this is working and I called back within the hour to set up an appointment.  I got BJ's last opening at 3:15.  Driving to my Body Art Meeting was nauseating but I did it.  Donna Cadwell said I looked white as a sheet when I walked in and I told her that was because I had just tried to park my car for 20 minutes in downtown Macon lunchtime--and with my issues I was a nervous wreck. LOL.  Cheryl preordered my lunch so I wouldn't slow the meeting down with my late arrival and it was delicious.  We had our meeting--a lot was accomplished and off to my doctor visit I went.  BJ was so funny.  She came in and looked at me from one side and said, "You're gonna need a shot."  Oh shit, I thought.  I don't do those well.  She said, "oh, this will do you real well.  a prick, a sting and your're done."  This is two steroids, a long acting steroid and a short acting steroid, and the amount of medicine is NOT like a shot of antibiotic so it will not hurt like that."  My right ear still had all the fluid back on it.  Oh, tickled, she grabbed on my ear piercing and said, if you can get this done, you can totally get this shot.  haha.  I remember telling Michelle, I love you guys and please don't shoot me.  lol.  Deep down though, I was ready to feel better and ready for 28 shots if it was necessary.  She put me on another ten day dose of antibiotic and Mucinex-D and said she would take it instead of the Deconex because it will work better.  One every 12 hours.
That shot stung pretty good.  Like an ant bit on my bootie.  I got clammy but did not pass out.  I was laying on my tummy on the table.  They need these things OTC I thought.  haha. Yeah, they have them on black market for wrestlers hahahahahahahaa.
I went home, got into my PJ's and just enjoyed the boys while I played Candy Crush, Words with Friends and watched some Ghost Adventures--yes, I am lame.

Day 12: Saturday, another day
So far it is only 7:30 or so.  I'm already wanting to bake.  It has been forever since I've baked.  I'm scared to say it but I really don't feel that dizzy this morning.  Please don't jinx yourself Christine.  Yes, I'm a little superstitious--and thank goodness for spellcheck on my computer--that word is impossible to spell.  haha.  My head hurts so bad but I imagine the Mucinex D has worn off.  We will see how it goes.........I cannot stand on my head or anything yet...but I can walk!!!  so far.

Day 23: Yeah, I almost forgot counting until today.  I just don't understand but I know it takes time.  Today, I almost felt the dizziness coming back.  Hmmm.  So I bought two more boxes of bonine.  Yes.  And I'll take another antibiotic pill and some more MucinexD.  Prayers is all I can do.  

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bread making

About to make a white bread. Let's see how this goes. Must wait 3 hours and 15 minutes!!

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